In conversation with: James Hickman, Managing Director of Plumbworld

What value do you feel a private equity investment can bring?

For a management team looking to liberate a business unit from a larger group then a private equity investment can be the only way to make it possible.

A … Read the rest

Private Equity Investment: More than money

Private Equity investors believe they bring ‘smart money’ to the table when investing to grow a business. Prospective management teams rightly want to understand what this looks like in practice, given the co-ownership and longer investment horizon of PE investment. … Read the rest

In conversation with: Andrew Blain, Managing Director of Photonic Solutions

In June 2017, Panoramic supported the Employee buyout of specialist laser system distributor, Photonic Solutions, based at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. Over a year later, Managing Director Andrew Blain gives his views on the process, prospects for the company … Read the rest

In conversation with: Mark Briscoe, co-investor and managing director of Majestic Polymers and DSA Chemicals

In November 2017, Panoramic backed chemical industry experts and co-investors Mark Briscoe and Peter Weaver in the Management Buy-in of Yorkshire based specialty chemicals businesses Majestic Polymers and DSA Chemicals. Six months in, Managing Director Mark gives insight into the … Read the rest

Choosing a private equity partner

Private equity (PE) investors are demanding of businesses seeking their funding. As part of pre-term sheet conversations, management teams are challenged on everything from past career history through to market growth rates and expansion strategies. However, raising private equity funding … Read the rest

Helping with management buyouts

Who knows a business better than the management team that runs it? When that team is excited by the long-term potential of the business, buying it from the current shareholders may be the ideal outcome for all parties.

Management buyouts … Read the rest

In conversation with Dominic Joseph, Co-Founder and CEO of Captify

1. How has Captify become a more international business over the past four years?

In 2015, we raised £8m in a series B funding round to which Panoramic contributed, and our intention was always that some of the proceeds would … Read the rest

Taking the next step

Entrepreneurs are rightly ambitious for their businesses. But too many sell up early with a lingering feeling of regret that they didn’t take their business as far as they could have. And while some business owners may be attracted to … Read the rest

In conversation with Ian Finlay, CEO of Specialist Tours

In May 2015, Panoramic sold its stake in specialist tour operator, Specialist Tours Limited, in a secondary buyout. The sale generated another strong return on investment for Panoramic in the two and a half years since it invested in the … Read the rest

Attracting & retaining talent

It’s a question often asked, how do smaller businesses attract, retain and incentivise the talent that will help them move into the next phase of growth?  It is also an issue that Panoramic frequently addresses in its support of small … Read the rest

In conversation with Andrew Keeble, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Heck Foods

In September 2014, Panoramic invested £1 million of growth capital in family-run premium sausage makers Heck Foods, which was founded by Yorkshire farmers Andrew and Debbie Keeble in 2012.  Heck’s brands are sold throughout the UK in Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, … Read the rest


“The markets are there to be tapped. The deals are there to be done. The opportunities are there to be capitalised on. Now together we must seize them.” So said the Prime Minister three years ago as he set out … Read the rest